Our team is made up of people completely devoted to revolutionising the catering experience. We believe that with a lot of attention to detail, providing great customer service, and of course, fabulous food, we can create not just a successful business, but also a community that celebrates food. And we're continuously learning.
As a team, we're committed to pushing the standards every single time and finding new ways to improve our process.  We like to make sure that our food tastes great and that our customers feel good. But most of all, we love to see our work bring people together. 

Daniel Selvaraj

Dan is the Executive Chef. He's the main man behind everything, from what happens in kitchen to what finally goes on your plate.

His approach draws from his extensive experience working with top Luxury hotels in the country, along with some of the most popular food destinations in Bangalore.

When he isn't busy figuring out ways to reinvent our menu, he spends his time touring with The Choral Riff and Mud Road, serenading people with his soulful voice.

Joshua Selvaraj

Josh is the business. He's the one who takes in a request and magically converts it into the best catering experience.

His previous work in the field of sales & marketing and event management, equip him perfectly to handle the management side of things.

Don't be surprised if you find him getting people to sing their hearts out at some of the popular karaoke hang outs in the city, or singing and playing guitar as a part of Mud Road—his smooth style helps him juggle both Partner and musician roles effortlessly. 

Isaiah Somanna

Ice is the Sous-Chef. He's the one that ensures all that magic happens the way it's supposed to. 

His experience in the kitchen, along with a stint in sales, give him the necessary perspective to know what dish works best, both as a product and as an exciting culinary option.

Ice is passionate about bikes and cars, and you're likely to find him traversing new trails either on his Bullet or setting off on a road trip in his pickup truck, friends and good music in tow.

Raul FernandeZ

Raul is Head of Administration and is the man who gets the job done.

He makes sure everyone in the company has what they need to work, and all of the customers get exactly what they ask for. And more.

Raul ensures everything is executed like clockwork and is responsible for the company being the well-oiled machine it is. If he's not doing that, he's in the garage following his other passion—restoring vintage bikes.