We're extremely passionate about food. It's what gets us excited every morning and keeps us up late at night. We offer a selection of world class dishes, made with a unique combination of the knowledge and experience we've acquired over the years, along with our own personal touch.
All of our food is made with the best ingredients—right from the meats we select down to the homemade spices and sauces we use.
The different cuisines we offer cater perfectly for everything from birthdays and private events, to weddings and large-scale corporate events. And we customise it exactly to suit your tastes.
Our food is served fresh, delicious, and with the guarantee of an unforgettable culinary experience. 



The Continental Menu has all the signature dishes of classical European cuisine.

Our Chef Daniel has worked extensively with this cuisine and decided to bring it into the catering space, so that our customers could get a taste of high-quality classical European dishes, without necessarily having to make a trip to a fine-dining restaurant.

We make sure we use the highest quality of seasoning in our continental cuisine—even the cheese we use has been carefully selected to ensure you get a completely authentic flavour.  

Apart from staying true to the authenticity, we've also tried to add different textures and flavours. That's why we have everything from Popcorn Chicken to  a slow cooked Beef and Barley Stew.  

We give you an exhaustive menu to choose from, and also get to have some fun in the process.


The grill is the hot (literally) favourite. 

There's nothing quite like the charm of a live barbecue at an event, and the satisfaction of eating hot, fresh food off the grill. It creates a completely different atmosphere and definitely helps get your appetite going.

We know we're not supposed to have favourites but it's hard not to be biased—especially when we're slow-grilling the Pepper Pork Sausages to perfection. Or watching the Paneer Shashlik transform into all its golden goodness. 

Our live grill has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and we can mix and match the two based on your preferences. Couple that with our complimentary garlic bread and summer salad, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable catering experience.

But we'll let you be the judge of that.


Our Indian food is easily our most personal offering. 

Drawing from each of our backgrounds, we've put together a menu of dishes we've grown up eating along with classic Indian dishes that have been created in kitchens across the country for centuries now.
At ours, they're recreated with a bit of a twist. 

That's why you'll find everything from the Crab Ghee Roast and Aloo Jalferzi, to Appams and Shahi Pulao on the menu.
Along with the undisputed favourite Mutton Biryani, of course.

We've taken advantage of the ridiculously diverse nature of Indian food , and picked our favourites from different parts of the country.

You can expect individually strong flavours, that blend together just perfectly.


Our High Tea menu is perfect for every event—birthdays, baby showers, cocktail parties, corporate events, store launches. You name it, and we can customise the perfect menu for it.

The reason this menu works so well across a variety of occasions is because the dishes are presented in the form of easy-to-consume short eats, essential for events where you’re on the move and socialising. But also in portions that will satiate your palate.

We’ve stayed true to our quirky roots with this menu, and have introduced a selection of dishes from the cuisines we’re best known for.

So while you have an Anglo Indian Roast Bomb as an option, you can also choose between Mutton Kheema Matar on Mini Poppadoms or Crispy Poori Bhajji.
Of course, the menu also carries traditional high-tea dishes like bruschettas and skewers, that are universally loved.

So if you’re planning a social-do or an office event that doesn’t quite fit into the lunch category, and is not quite a dinner-type of occasion, this is the perfect menu for you to choose from.

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